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  • Truck or vehicle restraint system – a strong metal hook mounted to the base of the dock which will hook to the frame or bumper of a trailer and prevents it from rolling away during loading operations, can be operated via manual, hydraulic, or electrical systems; this system can replace or work in conjunction with wheel chocks.

  • Dock light – a movable articulating light mounted inside the dock used to provide lighting inside the truck during loading operations.

  • Indicator lights - that show truck drivers when to back in or pull out.

  •  Loading dock software – provides a method for tracking and reporting on the loading dock activity.


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Storage Facilities


Sectional Steel Doors


Used for residential and commercial applications. These are known for the standard most common garage door. There are insulated and non-insulated and multiple colors and styles available. Can be used on exterior and interior buildings.

Commercial garage doors are just as important as any other piece of equipment in your building. Commercial garage doors demand constant operation daily, and help protect your business.

Our commercial doors are manufactured from top quality steel that is galvanized and guaranteed to stand up to the elements and resist rust under normal conditions. All doors have a number of standard features including sturdy hardware, track and springs. With upgrade options available, requiring low maintenance over the life of your door.

Full view doors allow one to see when a customer is present and can be designed for many years of trouble free service.

Full View Aluminum Garage Doors

Counter shutters are ideal for concession areas, cafeteria, cashiers, parts area and retail areas with open windows. Constructed for exterior and interior applications, counter shutter help secure openings above counters.   

FAAC Simply Automatic
Viking Access Systems

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are used primarily for security purposes. However, some are used for building separation and fire protection. Fire rated doors can be installed in fire walls and left open, if working properly, they will drop and secure an area in the event of a fire.

High Speed Doors

We sell, service and install many different storage facility products such as gates, access, rolling sheet doors, springs, safety bollards, fence and much more.

Full View series can be used as an exterior garage door for applications that require visibility and industrial designs. Full view is also used for interior settings to help merge indoor and outdoor spaces, such as automotive dealerships.

Counter Shutters
(Rolling Steel / Aluminum)

Fire Doors

& Drop Testing

Constructed from Galvanized steel, stainless and aluminum security grills are made and used for commercial and industrial settings for easy access. These are commonly used at malls and small retail shops. These are often available in side folding gates and horizontal openings.

Open air model grilles provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Full closure models provide visual access in most cases and enhanced security by preventing pilferage through openings.

Available in  multiple styles, patterns and colors.

  • Bumpers – protect the dock from truck damage, may also be used as a guide by the truck driver when backing up.

  • Dock leveler – a height-adjustable platform used as a bridge between dock and truck, can be operated via mechanical (spring), hydraulic, or air powered systems.

  • Dock lift – serves same function as a leveler but operates similar to a scissor lift to allow for greater height adjustments.

  •  Dock seals or dock shelters – compressible foam, compresses against truck when backed into dock, forming a seal to help with heat loss when truck is at the door.

Loading docks are an area of a building where goods are usually loaded and unloaded. These are commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings for the warehouse.

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Security Grills




Fire doors are doors with Fire Resistance rating used to reduce the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Drop tests are required once a year to ensure safety if a fire was to occur.

Some applications require doors to open at a rapid speed. These doors are for that purpose. High Speed doors are known for being used on automotive dealerships, car wash and parking areas just to name a few.