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"CRASH" Gates are for added security against the passing of a vehicle. Some, with proper installation, can stop a truck at 50 mph.

Slide gate, typically called "Cantilever" Gates, are  most commonly used when controlling access to a property and can accommodate large openings or small and can be moved automatically at speeds of up to 3ft per second.

This impressive gate system is used on a variety of applications including security areas, storage facilities and parking lots. The vertical lift gate is commonly used in areas with limited space as they lift in air.

Benefits of an automatic gate are a sense of security, control vehicle traffic and discourage foot traffic. Gates make a good theft deterrent and come in many different styles for many different types and usages. With state-of-the-art technology and a strong, rugged construction, you can rely on our Gate Operators and Access Control Systems to give you access anytime you need it. Click Here to view work done for Whiteman Airforce Base.


Turnstyles can help with pedestrian traffic and account for on site personell they can be used to know who is on site and when they arrived and left. Independent Door & Gate can help you decide what turnstyle is best for business.

Sliding Gate


Trash Gate

Independent Door & Gate can also help with your trash gates, whether they are existing that are in need of repair, or if you need new gates. We are here to help.


Crash Gate

Vertical lift gates are generally used in areas of little room for a slide or swing gate and can cover areas of up to 24ft wide. They come in standard chain link and wrought iron. Commonly used in storage facilities where space can be limited.

Can be as simple as keypad but can go up to a multi-user system and remotely programmed by a computer. Entry Systems can also be controlled by smartphones. BFT Cellgate.

Entry Systems

Vertical Lift Gate


Barrier Arms

Viking Access Systems

Swing Gate

Vertical Pivot Gate

When you need exceptional perimeter entry security and access control, turn to our line of crash-test certified entry barriers to defend your facility against vehicular threats.


Swing are used when you do not have room for cantilever in commercial applications, used on residential applications for their design and beauty.

Turnstyle Gate

See this gate in action.


Barrier arms are good for vehicle deterrent. They are commonly used in parking lots and garages and help control access to a property unless proper credentials are presented.